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Sunday Farms
Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Package Design / Website Design

Sunday Farms

Helping a small team 
bring all of the good
 to the table.

Charlie and Laya care. They care about what’s on our plates. They care about how that food affects our bodies and minds when we consume it. They care where it came from, how that animal was treated, how easily it’s accessed, about the local farms, the land the use, the environment we all share. They care a lot in this complex industry and they came to Renga with a lot of thoughts, unsure about how to tell everyone about all of it, and we gladly helped share in the caring.

We understood that up until that point, it was no picnic. Our workshops helped to parse through a vast and complex field of information of what it takes to get a sustainable nutrient-rich protein from the local farm to on your plate with choice, freedom and ease. We helped to streamline their messaging, and made a lot of hay with “all of the good” and “none of the bad” to house their key product features, all while making sure the brand feels like that warm comfort dish your ma makes for you.

We brought it all to the table; the exceptional product, the education and information transparency, the way sharing a good meal with loved ones is an act for the heart, mind and soul. It was ‘Food You’re Proud to Share’.

Between a recent Toronto Life feature, and an upcoming change in Sunday Farms’ product offering, Sunday Farms is now poised with a brand that can grow with them in their next stages. 

Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Package Design / Website Design
Charlie & Laya are a deep well of knowledge about protein nutrition and care so deeply. It was great to translate that extensive wisdom into what feels like that warm comfort dish from your ma.
The Renga Team

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Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Website Strategy

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