Renga is a brand therapy group from Toronto.

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What is brand therapy?

Rather than a quick fix, it’s a method that listens, collaborates, and empowers your brand to reach the right people by establishing a strong core identity.

Now, let's talk about why you’re here.

“I’m having a hard time adapting to the current digital landscape.”
Francene, a small business owner, looking confused.
“I don’t know where to begin with ecommerce.”
Gerald, a long-time businessman looks disheveled.
“I need help getting my idea for a new business or product off the ground.”
Geoffrey, owner of a new start-up looks smug, but in need of help.
“I’m looking to freshen up my website and logo.”
Emily, the energetic bakery owner, is excited to bring her business online.

We know that each of our clients have their own unique challenges as a growing business or brand, so we work alongside you to deliver a custom solution that fits.