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Branding a Digital Cash Startup From Scratch



Money Clip is a way to store, share, and spend your digital cash. Where most digital transactions rely on banks or credit cards, which come with significant fees and purchase surveillance, Money Clip offers the simplicity and privacy of cash with all the convenience of digital.

Our goal for MoneyClip was to create a brand that matches the functions of the application while making it accessible to the average person. Below you can take a look into our process and outcome.


A new start up in the financial space approached Renga with a new app idea they were looking to launch in 2019. Through their conversation with us, they realized that the challenges they faced had to do with creating a strong brand identity. While they had a team of developers working on a prototype, Renga was tasked with creating the whole brand.

Brand Strategy

All our clients start with a Brand Workshop that we have developed in house. This allows us to gain the necessary information about the brand persona, ideal client, and how the two interact. Through our process, we found that MoneyClip is defined by four core adjectives: simple, secure, direct, and real.


The MoneyClip name came from the idea of carrying cash in its simplest form. We explored names around wallets but the purpose of a money clip was so simple and spoke directly with the functionality of the application, carrying digital cash.

Identity Design

We always love being able to create something from scratch because it gives us the most room for creativity. The visual identity for MoneyClip involved designing a logo, colour palette, typography, and illustrations that matches what was discovered during the workshop.  


This is the primary MoneyClip icon. If you didn’t notice, it is a literal money clip! The design showcases a simplified folded bill clipped by an “M”. There will be cases where the icon may be used alone or with type.


All of the illustrations are done in a style to compliment the MoneyClip logo. The important foreground elements should pull from the primary colour palette to make the content matter come to life! A stroke can be used for less important elements and to extend the scene.

Web Design & Development

We wanted to create a website that was easy to use and educational. Money is a topic people take very seriously, a site that brought a sense of comfortability as well as a security was a challenge but ultimately came across well received. We worked with the amazing developers at Up At Five to implement the design and strategy.

View the website here

“Our start-up will live or die on brand messaging and marketing. We were lucky to find a team that simultaneously wears creative, entrepreneur, and customer hats to deliver a brand that we think will attract and engage users.“

Brian Lock - Business Development Manager of MoneyClip


As of right now, we are still working with MoneyClip on finishing their app design and getting them ready for series A funding.

You can check out the brand guidelines here