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A Local Barbershop Gets A Fresh Style

Burrow Barbering Co.

Burrow Barbering Co.

The Challenge:

Establish a brand identity that supports the business' ambitions and can exist independently of the founder. 

Matching Passion With Brand Strategy

Burrow Barbering Co. began as a passion project of the founder, Evan McGilvray, who started cutting his friend's hair in basements, backyards, and at events. He commissioned a friend to design a logo and word mark for him.

During a discovery workshop, we began to realize that the existing Burrow brand had more to do with Evan's personal story than his aspirations for the business. This really played out when we asked him what the brand might look like as he hired other barbers.

Our recommendation was to build out a brand identity that still captured Evan's passion; but wouldn't feel like a personal story that belonged to him. We wanted to present something that could scale alongside his larger ambitions for the business.

The Burrow Brand

We started by narrowing the brand's personality to a few strong words that would help us pursue the right visual aesthetic. This led into three separate stylescape presentations that allowed us to further establish a visual common ground as we moved into the creation stage.

Once we found a concept that Evan connected with, we built that out into a more refined design that included variations of the logo as well as colours that gave off the welcoming, yet calm vibe we wanted.

What emerged was a brand identity that helped create the kind of enviroment that Evan was after.

A Common Experience At Each Touchpoint

The goal for us is to create a common brand experience at every potential touchpoint with customers - online, passing by on the street, and in the Burrow shop itself. Both Evan and our team were all very excited with the end results.

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