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A brand … workshop?

As we continue to move into the digital realm, brands are constantly having to update their method of communication. Our workshop is developed to give brands the resources to build a necessary foundation to help with customer interaction. Having a focused and clear brand identity only strengthens your overall awareness and marketing strategies.

The Process

Two people standing with arrows flowing between them, representing how we'll work together to create a persona for your customers and business, and develop a strategy for how they interact.

Understanding Brand Identity

First we take time to understand the history of your business. We'll use several exercises to better understand your brand.


Your Ideal Customer

Next, we dive into your ideal customer. We define a persona to describe the thinking and lifestyle of who your brand should resonate with.


How They Interact

Once we have two personas we dive into their relationship. Our exercises will help build a compass to navigate future decisions.

What People Are Saying

Alex S.
Alex S.
Public Speaker
Renga is able to pull your brand out through a process that both clarifies and empowers your brand.
Katy M.
Katy M.
Freelance Photographer
Matt & Jared from Renga were honest, open and very knowledgeable about the branding and marketing of my creative business. They helped me to communicate my passions more effectively and coherently, so I could narrow in on my goals. I left the initial workshop feeling excited and inspired. They helped me to communicate my 'why' more clearly and helped to shift the focus of my business idea to mirror my passions.
Patrick R.
Patrick R.
Business Development
It was a great brand building workshop that walked me through the process of figuring out what my brand and ideal target audience are. It was a fun workshop with interactive components that really helped me visualize where my brand could be headed.
Emily B.
Emily B.
I left that conversation not only feeling heard and equipped with a great plan, but also encouraged and motivated to take my brand to the next level.

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