Hopefully you have noticed that we refer to ourselves as a “brand therapy group.” We realize that this isn’t a common way to describe what we do; but it is very intentional. One thing that we’ve noticed is how many businesses out there have a fractured brand identity. Saying fractured doesn’t mean that we think their logo or name is weak; but rather the business they intended to be is not what they are now presenting to the world. This is usually caused when a company chases short term goals, such as revenue, without a thought for how it might impact the business a few years from now. It is important to understand that all the micro decisions build what your brand will become.

So then the question we set out to explore was, how can a company build a healthy brand identity? To answer this, we decided to think about what it means to build a healthy self identity. Anyone who has attempted self-growth will admit that it can be very difficult to begin to look at oneself objectively and ask the tough questions that are required to bring it all together. This is why therapy works so well. Well, it’s the same for trying to build a healthy business. It requires someone to collaboratively listen to your story and ask the right tough questions. Of course we could give you generalized feedback, but so can google. What you need to be healthy is knowing what YOUR business should do, not what ANY business should do. The only way to get to this, is to start by listening. This is why we take all of our clients through a brand discovery workshop before we get started on projects. This allows us to create out of a strong understanding of who you are as well as your intentions and goals.

Now, we believe that this workshop alone will bring you lots of value; but just like therapy, the real magic happens over time. We want to commit to working with every one of our clients on an ongoing basis. This requires trust. Us understanding the why behind your business and you understanding the why behind our process helps us get there. When we are both aligned it allows us to do great work that you can continue to build off of.

A healthy brand identity is one that lasts. It becomes a compass for you as you make business decisions; such as who your next right hire is, what new products or services you should launch, partnerships, and many more. If the decision compromises your core brand identity or values then the answer should probably be no - even when the short term looks promising.